Replacement Parasol Canopies

Why not revive your hardwood, aluminum or teak Parasol with a Replacement Parasol Canopy.

Purchasing a Replacement Parasol Canopy for your Garden Parasol, will enable you to keep your original hardwood, teak or aluminium frame, and simply replace the fabric canopy. Available in 7 standard frame sizes, and many different colour options. Please ensure that you check all measurements prior to purchasing.

How do I measure my old canopy or frame? If you have your old canopy then this will be easier – start by measuring the total diameter by laying the canopy flat on the floor after removing from your parasol frame, alternatively you can measure the canopy while still on the frame by taking the measurement from the middle of the canopy / top of the parasol down to the end of the spar, then you can simply double it to get the diameter. Please see specific item details for more detailed measurements.

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